Thursday, February 19, 2015

Evidence That The Clone Wars Adventures Emulator is Fake Part 3: Blender and other Evidence

Previously I showed evidence that the clones and other models were copied directly from the model sharing site Now here is evidence about their Blender screenshots and other photos

This image is the Commando Droid from their page. I actually rigged the model, and they admitted that. But the image on their page is most likely the one I posted, just cropped. I say most likely, because when you first open the model, it will look exactly like my image. All view angles and gui are saved with the model. The funny thing is, while they had no problem with showing their Mac OSX screen on their website development post, they decided to crop out any element that showed the OS on the droid image. See below.
This image does not show anything that gives away the OS or the file path for the model.
Here is the photo I posted.
 My guess is they cropped it because the image clearly shows that it was taken on Ubuntu, with my name on the top right, and the file path on the menu bar.
They also posted an image of Yoda which they "modeled".
While I was not able to find it on any pages, Google says it found it on
They also copied my image of the main hall which I posted on my Google+ page. They thanked me for my "idea", but all they have is a cropped image of my screenshot. Below is the photo they posted.
Below is my screenshot.