Thursday, February 19, 2015

Evidence That the Clone Wars Adventures Emulator is Fake Part 2: Clones

Previously I posted evidence that the Ahsoka that the emu "modeled" was copied from TRDaz on deviantart. Now, let's look at the clones.

Also, they posted several images of models from While they did say that they got the models from tf3dm, they said that they rendered them all. The problem is, all the images they posted match the images from tf3dm, minus the bottom edge. When I asked Alphaz about this, he pointed out that all the tf3dm images have a watermark, while their photos don't. I checked the website and he was right, the images do have a watermark. The problem is the watermark is on the bottom right corner. That just happens to be the area missing on the facebook page.
Here is a side-by-side comparison of the Captain Breaker models. The one on the left is the real one from, and the one on the right is the one that the emu "rendered" They are identical, besides the cropping. They also copied other images from tf3dm, which I did not post here. But if you go to their page, all the ones with this color of background are copied from tf3dm.
Here is a side by side comparison of the images of Captain Breaker. The one on the left is the real one from 3dregenerator on tf3dm, and the one on the right is the one they "rendered".

 Here is a photo of the "rigged" clone from their page I took a screen capture to show the conversation about the image. The emu claims that both the clones are the same model. That is clearly not so. The "posed" image is a stock CW image. It obviously has a very high polygon count.
The image on the left is of a real cwa clone, copied from tf3dm, with the watermark cropped off.

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